SCETIRAN Consulting Engineers was founded in 1973 as a private joint stock company.
SCETIRAN main fields at activities are Oil & Gas, Dam & Hydropower and Railway Transportation & Environmental studies.
Oil & Gas Department
Oil & Gas Department offers services of high quality, appropriate to each stage of a project’s development, namely:
Engineering (E)
Procurement (P)
Management (M)
Construction (C)
Supported by its long experience in important projects in a wide range of various fields, its personnel ’s knowledge and skills and it management committed to and following the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, SCETIRAN’s
Oil & Gas Department provides Engineering , Procurement, Management, Construction services of remarkable quality in the following fields and disciplines  
 Oil & Gas Fields                                                                                                     Oil & Gas Disciplines
- Crude Oil Production Unit                                                                              - Process & Safety
- Crude Oil Desalting Planet                                                                              - Mechanical & HVAC
- Crude Oil Pump Station                                                                                  - Electrical & Telecommunication
- Oil & Crude Oil Pipelines                                                                                 - Instrument & Control
- Steel Crude Oil & Product Tank                                                                    - piping
- Gas Pipeline                                                                                                       - Pipeline
- Concrete Crude Oil & Product Tank                                                             - Civil & Architectural
- Gas Gathering & Injection Station                                                                - Planning & Control Project
- Oil & Gas Refinery