For over 40 years SCETIRAN has successfully completed a wide variety of projects utilizing well-proven project management skills and engineering expertise. The skills necessary to execute the project are brought together as appropriate from in-house resources, part-time experts, and independent consultants.
SCETIRAN normally employs multi-disciplinary task forces on projects. These include engineering, procurement and construction personnel to ensure smooth communication and information flow. The Project Manager is responsible for the project from concept through engineering and site activities to handover to ensure achievement of project objectives.
Project constructability is evaluated from the earliest stage of project definition to ensure identification of the best construction method for a particular project and to minimize any effect on the environment. Similarly project maintainability is considered early in the design to minimize unsafe exposure of personnel and impacts on the environment.

:SCETIRAN is structured in six departments
·    Oil and Gas Department
Responsible for all projects in the area of oil & gas transmission pipeline, compressor station, storage tanks, pump station, production units and gas gathering & injection  projects..
·    Dam and Hydropower Department
Responsible for all projects in the area of hydropower plant, storage dam, run-off - river dam, diversion dam and dam stability analysis.
·    Rail Transportation & Environment and  Department
Responsible for all projects in the area of environmental impact assessment, and Urban railway transportation.
·    Supervision & Construction  Management Department
Responsible for field engineering, all supervision services offer to all projects.
·    Finance and Administration Department
Responsible for accounting, administration, office services, and legal affairs.
·    Technical & Commercial Development Department
Responsible for quality control, procurement services, contract & tender, training, library & technical archive and information technology.

SCETIRAN is located in west of Tehran Metropolitan, west of Hemmat Highway. SCETIRAN head office is centered in a self contained office complex, positioned within a major population region and connected through major highways to airport. This provides SCETIRAN with the essential pool of skilled professionals, the geographical location and the supporting infrastructure essential to engineering operations